Get Ready

Get Ready to Apply for or Renew your Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage

Before you start your application, there are a few things you should gather to help make the process go quicker and easier.  Gather this information before you go online or call to start your application, or before you go to a meeting with an in-person enrollment assister.  Click here for a complete checklist of what information you will need to gather and why you will need it.

  • Information about your household size
  • Home and/or mailing addresses
  • Information about everyone applying for coverage
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Information about the professional helping you if you are getting help completing your application
  • Immigration document information
  • Information on how you'll file your taxes
  • Employer & income information
  • Your best estimate of your household income for 2016
  • Policy numbers if anyone in your household currently has a health insurance plan
  • Employer information
  • A completed'Employer Coverage Tool' if anyone in your household has or is eligible for coverage through their employer
  • Notices from your current plan

Necessary information will need to be gathered for everyone in the household and/or applying for health insurance coverage.

Already have Marketplace coverage? You should still compare plans every year

Marketplace plans can change each year - things like costs and coverage.  Even if you're happy with your plan changes for next year, and you don't have any life changes to report (like moving to a new state or changes in your income or household), you should still take a look at the health plans being offered in your area.  You might benefit from a change, and you never know until you compare.

To help you decide whether to keep or change your plan, take the quiz.